On March 24, 2010, Monroe County ARES/RACES took a moment to recognize Muffy Meisenzahl, on the occasion of her retirement as the Administrator of the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management.

ARES/RACES has enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Muffy and the Office of Emergency Management. She has always supported our efforts to provide public service and emergency communication services to our community.

The Monroe ARES Board of Directors presented Muffy with an engraved radiogram plaque, thanking her for her service to the amateur radio operators in Monroe County.

Monroe County ARES/RACES wishes Muffy well in her retirement.

Pictured: (L-R) Jim DiTucci, N2IXD, Monroe RACES Radio Officer/ARES Emergency Coordinator, Muffy Meisenzahl, Judy Stonehill, N2KXS, former Monroe ARES Emergency Coordinator, Jeff Wigal, WY7Q, former Monroe RACES Radio Officer/ARES Emergency Coordinator