Monroe County ARES has developed a series of response plan documents. This is not a substitute for formal training or additional information that may be communicated on a “per incident” basis.

Documents may be downloaded individually by clicking the links below.  To download all documents as a single .ZIP file, click here.



Revision Date


OP 1-1 Emergency Response Plan 01-Feb-07
OP 2-1 Communication Training 09-Sep-07


LOG 1-2 Alerting & Activation 09-Sep-07
LOG 1-3 Support Assignment
LOG 1-4 Initial Activation Briefing 09-Sep-07
LOG 1-5 Debriefing 09-Sep-07
LOG 2-1 Supply Support
LOG 4-1 Uniforms & Equipment 09-Sep-07
LOG 4-2 GO Kits 09-Sep-07


ADM 1-1 MC ARES Organizational Structure 09-Sep-07
ADM 1-3 Response Team Organization
ADM 1-4 Training Requirements 09-Sep-07
ADM 3-2 Code of Conduct 09-Sep-07
ADM 5-1 Organizational data Not Public


MOU 1-2 Monroe County OEP Relations
MOU 1-3 Monroe County RACES Relations
MOU 2-1 Mem or Understand- GRCARC
MOU 3-1 Mem of Understand- RRRA
MOU 3-2 Mem of Understand- Xerox
MOU 3-3 Mem of Understand- MegaPlex
MOU 3-4 Mem of Understand- RIT


NET 1-1 Net Control Stations 09-Sep-07
NET 1-2 Net Operations 09-Sep-07
NET 1-3 Net Frequencies
NET 2-2 Red Cross Communications Equip 09-Sep-07


TEAM 1-1 Leadership team Operations
TEAM 1-2 Logistics Team Operations
TEAM 1-3 Response Team Operations

Questions may be directed to Jim DiTucci, N2IXD, Emergency Coordinator, or Ross Mazzola, KC2LOC, Assistant EC, Logistics & Planning.  Special thanks to Gwinnett (GA) ARES for providing the model structure for our emergency response plan documents.