Monroe County ARES/RACES actively supports the following organizations:

Monroe County Office of Emergency Management

Although not necessarily a served agency, Monroe County RACES is a program of the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management. When disaster strikes, or if there is a need to assist the OEM in providing emergency communications, the OEM will activate Monroe County RACES and we will assist.

Our typical activities include providing communications for State and Federal Observed nuclear response drills for the Ginna nuclear plant, as well as for the County Point of Dispensing (POD) plan.

In cooperation with the New York State Police, RACES members also participate in Pumpkin Patrol, which provides “eyes an ears” on the bridges that span the New York State Thruway. Our role is to watching for pranksters who might try to throw objects onto the Thruway over Halloween.

American Red Cross — Greater Rochester Chapter

Monroe County ARES provides communications support for our local Red Cross Chapter. Typically, when the Red Cross begins establishing disaster shelters, Monroe County ARES will be activated and will deploy amateur radio operators to work alongside Red Cross volunteers.

Memorandum of Understanding

Joint Regional Mutual Aid Plan

Monroe County ARES also provides support to area nursing homes, should support be needed in the event of a nursing home evacuation or wide-spread disaster.

Rochester Amateur Radio Association

Although not a served agency, Monroe County ARES/RACES works closely with the Rochester Amateur Radio Association to help provide volunteers for a multitude of area public service events. Amateur radio operators provide public service communications for a variety of public events, including the Rochester Marathon, the AIDS Care Ride, Tour de Cure, the MS Bike Tour, Barktoberfest, and many others. See the RARA public service page for more details.

Memorandum of Understanding